Who We Serve: Meet the Team!

We serve nearly 200 persons with intellectual disabilities annually.
Meet some of the people we support, and learn how we promote their inclusion in our community!
DASC Client Damon

Meet Damon

Damon has been a member of our team for nearly four years, and works in our onsite social enterprise program.
"DASC is very important to me because it keeps everyone safe and helps them follow the rules. I support new clients that come to DASC and I treat them nice with kind words. People at DASC are proud of me when I do this. Someday I would like to have a job in the community where I can work with animals and the staff at DASC will help me to reach this goal."
DASC Client Danny

Meet Danny

Danny enjoys our Life Enhancement program at DASC. Life Enhancement supports people who need extra help with social interaction and life skills. Danny lives in North Preston and likes magazines, coffee, and music. He likes singing in church, and his favourite song is “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden!
dasc client Matthew and his mother Dianne

Meet Diane and Matthew

Matthew has been attending DASC programs for 25 years, and he currently participates in our individual support program. His mother Dianne is a past DASC board member, and serves as a volunteer on our program committee. She feels fortunate to have found a place like DASC for Matthew. 
“He would be lost without DASC. With the COVID closure, he was lost. He needs the one-on-one support. I find it very comforting. He’s coming to a place where they value him. He loves coming. He loves the social interaction and the contact. During the time he’s been at DASC, they’ve never given up on him and tried everything for him. It’s why he’s still here.”
DASC Client Leighanne

Meet Leighanne

Leighanne is in our Community Employment program, and works at Old Navy in Dartmouth cleaning and helping customers.
“It’s important to keep the company clean. I like working with my associates, they’re nice people. They look out for me. I’m very independent. I live with my Dad, but I buy my own groceries and pay my own bills. I love what I do. Coming here, to see my associates, it makes me proud. It makes me happy. It makes me feel like I’m worth it. I’m worth being here.”
DASC client Mary-Beth

Meet Mary Beth

Mary Beth participates in our onsite social enterprise program.
“I like the friendship and the bonding with staff. The staff understand your needs. It makes me feel like a person. Everyone wants to get to know me. To know what my expectations are, my limits. I like to stay positive and have a good time. My main goal is to become a sailor. I’m an adventure kind of person!”
Dasc Client Rhonda

Meet Rhonda

Rhonda is in our Community Employment program, and works part-time as a front door greeter at the Tacoma Drive Sobeys in Dartmouth. Rhonda counts the shoppers entering the store, so that Sobeys knows if the number of shoppers is within the permitted COVID limits.
“DASC helps people with disabilities and gives them a purpose and a reason. Without DASC, I wouldn’t see my friends. Jill (Rhonda’s job coach) helped me find this job. I don’t know what I’d do without her. With my job I can make my own money and buy my own stuff. I’m able to contribute to my family. I can buy snacks for my son’s lunches.”
Dasc client tracey

Meet Tracy

“I like the social aspect of DASC. Before I had DASC, I felt like I didn’t have a purpose. DASC helped me find a purpose. I’ve learned how to budget time. Also, how to be professional. Staff are understanding. DASC got me a job at Scotiabank Centre. DASC is a stepping stone. I really like being here. I’d miss a lot of the people here if I couldn’t come here.”
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