Our Programs


DASC is proud to provide a broad spectrum of services to our clients. We are responsive to each individual’s goals and needs. Therefore, our services range from prevocational and vocational work skills, daily living skills, social and communication skills, community access for educational endeavors or work experiences, recreational pursuits and so much more. As well, individualized supports may be provided to ensure a meaningful and successful experience. Our approaches are dynamic and energetic. We are creative, innovative and aware of current trends in the field of human services.

Each client participates in a yearly assessment and an individual program planning conference where achievements are celebrated and goals are established for the upcoming year. The conference approach is holistic and we invite others to participate in the planning process (e.g. family members, caseworkers and friends). For the individual to have success in the areas outlined in the conference, ongoing communication between DASC and others is important. To facilitate this, DASC provides reports that address the goals that were established at the conference as well as other achievements or needs.