The Snoezelen Room

In 2002, DASC was pleased to unveil our Snoezelen Room. “Snoezelen” is a new concept to many Canadians, but since the 1970s, Snoezelen Rooms have attained a great following in many European countries and the United States.

The word “Snoezelen” is a contraction of the Dutch words “Snuffelen,” to seek out, and “Doezelen” to relax. A Snoezelen environment provides a multi-sensory experience like no other. Snoezelen Rooms have been extensively used with individuals who are intellectually disabled, persons with dementia, and current research is showing its benefit as a therapeutic modality for individuals with brain injuries.

The beauty of our Snoezelen Room is that individuals have experiences in the room that involve personal choice making and meaning for them, creates sensory input and provides an opportunity for one-on-one interaction with staff. This interaction strengthens the employee/staff relationship.

The Snoezelen Room at DASC offers many accessible and stimulating opportunities for our employees and clients. When individuals step inside the room, they are able to spend a period of time choosing what aspects they would like to explore, and there are many.

Our room includes a solar light projector, Milky Way carpet, fiber optic spray, ball tube, aromatherapy diffuser, a hammock an interactive fiber-optic fountain, Catherine wheel, bubble tube, glow board and chase light. All of these activities, along with surround sound stereo, ensure that our employees and clients have a meaningful and self-directed experience. We are fortunate to have such a resource within our centre.