Packaging and Assembly

It could be argued that no other component of DASC exhibits our flexibility and versatility to the extent shown by the packaging and assembly department. Because of cost and/or complexity, automated processes cannot do many creative packaging and assembly jobs. This is where DASC comes in — we are specialists in the performance of labour intensive, hand-oriented work. Conducting a task manually allows for greater individual attention to detail and quality control, which in turn helps ensure guaranteed customer satisfaction.

We have tailored our expertise to such diverse and demanding projects as the packaging and assembly of canvasser kits, promotional bag inserts, rolling of posters, collation and assembly of advertising print media, packaging of educational materials, packing individual items from bulk supplies, final finishing of raw materials, shrink wrapping of different products, and small and unique product assembly.

At DASC, we continuously demonstrate our ability to rise to the challenge of finding creative packaging answers to those “unsolvable” packaging and assembly challenges. Our services are limited only by your imagination.