Our Values

The mission of DASC, is supporting the being, belonging and becoming of adults with intellectual disabilities.

We Value the People We Support

We identify persons with an intellectual disability as either employees or clients. They are all treated with dignity and respect, recognizing their individual uniqueness and their requirement for services appropriate to their needs.

We Value Strong Leadership, Competent Governance and Management

We depend on strong, skilled and accountable leadership from the Board of Directors in setting direction and policy, and from executive management. We encourage leadership that creates and promotes a dynamic, inclusive and productive working environment  for the delivery of quality programs and services.

We Value Our Staff and Teamwork

We recognize that our committed and dedicated staff is our greatest strength. We openly share information, resources and ideas. We ensure a cooperative partnership among all members of the team built on mutual trust, respect and dignity. We invite and encourage full participation in making decisions from all sectors of the organization.

 We Value Our Community Partners

We acknowledge that we can only achieve our mission “in association with our community” by working cooperatively and in partnership with families, caregivers, and our colleagues in the educational, residential, employment and social service systems. We must ensure effective and appropriate programs and services are provided to our clients.

We Value Openness and Communication

We recognize the importance of sharing timely and accurate information. We strive to promote communication between and among all sectors of our organization, and the community we serve. We are committed to listening and being responsive to feedback.

We Value Excellence and Innovation

In our search for excellence, we are committed to continuous evaluation of what we do in the best interests of those we serve. We strive continuously to   improve the quality of care through creative, constructive innovation.

We Value Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

We recognize the need to manage our resources wisely. We recognize the need to think broadly and long term to balance the need for unique services for those we currently serve, and those we have yet to serve. We recognize the need to do more with limited resources.