Mail Services

For more than 20 years, DASC has provided conscientious, cost-effective mailing solutions to the business community. As a full-service letter shop, we can expeditiously handle all of your mailing needs. We regularly process all types of mail, such as letters, addressed and unaddressed ad mail, publications and parcels. Our dedicated employees are proficient in all aspects of mail preparation including, but not limited to, inserting, folding, collating, labeling, metering, sealing and postal sorting.

Completing routine, yet important, time sensitive and labour-intensive tasks is our specialty. DASC has established a solid reputation in the field of mail preparation thanks to our quality workmanship and attention to detail. All jobs, whether large or small, merit the same consideration, with customer satisfaction being our primary goal. Having a firm commitment to customer care allows us to further enhance our reputation, not rest on it.

At DASC, we are proud to serve the business community. For further information, please contact us.