Admission Criteria

DASC’s Admissions Policy is a comprehensive document, which provides all of our guidelines.  Applicants may apply at sixteen years of age, although, admission will not take place until the age of twenty-one. For further information, please contact DASC directly.

DASC Admissions Procedure

Step 1: The applicant and parent/caregiver must make an appointment to tour DASC and meet with the Client Services Specialist to discuss our services, admissions procedure and obtain application forms.

Step 2: Complete the application forms and return them to DASC. The applicants name is place on the processing list.

Step 3: The forms are reviewed and a home visit is scheduled.

Step 4: The DASC Admissions Committee reviews all of the information regarding the application and gives recommendations for placement. The applicant is informed in writing as to their status.

Step 5: An orientation is scheduled and when a position is available the applicant begins a three month probationary placement.